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Update and Tag
Helloo everyone! Well, I know I've been more active in this period and that's because I finished my experience abroad but unfortunately or rather luckily for me I will start university in September. I still have something to submit but I could run out of them soon. ANYWAY we're in the middle of summer time so let's not worry about it :D
Aaaaand I got tagged! By the lovely :iconsnowkinder: <3 *go check his yt channel and his music, he's rad* 
-You should say 13 things about yourself.
-You must answer the 13 questions asked by the person who has tagged you, as well as, create 13 questions for the people you'll tag. 
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-Make sure they know they have been tagged. 
-You are allowed to tag whoever tagged you. 
-MAKE A JOURNAL! Don't be lazy! 
13 things about me:
1. I hate talking to strangers on the phone. I could e
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Free! - The Hermit by pommmec Free! - The Hermit :iconpommmec:pommmec 24 6 Beautiful Eyes~ [Spark Search] by Lenzie02 Beautiful Eyes~ [Spark Search] :iconlenzie02:Lenzie02 6 11



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Miranda Rose
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Welcome to my profile! I am just a weeb who does base art, Do not be intimidated by me at all. You are welcome to chat with me if you'd like or we could RP but I only roleplay with the following OCS in the Anime they're from! Until I feel like I'm a decent artist I will only be submitting base art but when I become better, I will do point commissions!


DBZ - Main: ~Zyana~:……


Treasure Planet

Attack On Titan


Kalinga AU Versions
I thought I had uploaded these, I guess I never did! Well, When my tablet was working and I was into Undertale again for a good while, I decided to draw the AU versions of my OC Kalinga for fun, considering I've never drawn her full body before! This was really fun to make and I'm still completely proud of this.
From left to right: Undertale (Normal & Pacifist), Undertale (Genocide), Underfell, Underswap (Kalinga swapped with Gaster), Outertale and for funsies, Underlust.

Go support Toby and play Undertale if you haven't already, bc you should. It's a good game, bruh.
Underlust: Yeah, no.

Kalinga © :icondatchaoticwolf:
Okay for some reason, My bio decided to error the hell out of all the links I put there which I never noticed so that means it's been like that for months ugh, Im fixing it now as well as making a Journal for Kalinga
Okay, Got a lot done today, That's good. Imma sleep now. Also, Yes, I am aware that my username does not exactly work for me anymore but it's going to be long before I can change it.
An Undertale Christmas!
Also, very very late. But, the more Christmas, The merrier, Right? Getting a big head start this year xD I feel I did pretty good on this one as well considering... 3Ds, I'd have more to say about this but it's 8:30 am and I'm running on no sleep here.

Christmas Kalinga © :icondatchaoticwolf:
Christmas Sans, Christmas Papyrus and Probably Christmas Undertale belong to © Toby "Radiation" Fox
A DBZ Christmas!
Merry Christmas! Or... Very very belated... After my tablet broke, I had just been drawing on my 3Ds, Colors3D. So, I drew this a few days before Christmas ^-^ Ah, yes, Let me explain. I have a new Persona! SaiyajinRose. Ever since the SaiyanRose form came out, I had changed my twitter from EnderstrikeWolf to SaiyajinRose which shows me as Goku Black because this form was obviously made specifically for me ;)

Christmas Kauli © :icondatchaoticwolf:
Christmas Kurisutaru © :icondatchaoticwolf:
SaiyanMiraRose © :icondatchaoticwolf:

DBZ and Black/Evil Goku belong to © Akira Toriyama
DBZ OC Emerald Guo   Gem by DatChaoticWolf

Emerald is a young man who became a thief by the age of 10 after his sister and parents dropped off the side of the Earth and never came back since. First he stole food, then it was clothes, then random items to sell, And finally he made his way up to jewelry and gemstones. He immediately fell in love with gemstones after stealing a pair of emerald earrings and now jewels are the only thing that he will steal. Emerald goes by the name "Green thief" and is very good at what he does, But sometimes he makes mistakes and fails to clean up after himself and it has almost gotten him caught a couple of times. He changes his hairstyle somewhat often and because of this, Many would mistake him for Android 17 which just gave him an opportunity to take from them. Although he keeps a low profile, He can't help but flirt when he sees beautiful women, Most of them ignore him but some of them take notice. Kirisame introduced Emerald to her family and friends and it didn't take them long to figure out that he was the famous thief, But they don't have solid proof yet, Which is the only reason he still hangs around.

Full Name: Emerald Guo
Nickname: Gem
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birthday: May 20th 761
Birthplace: Planet Earth
Current Residence: Earth
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Language(s) spoken: English
Life-Long Dream: To steal the biggest and most valuable stone there is
Goals: To find his parents
Like(s): (Will add later)
Dislike(s): (Will add later)
Bad Habit(s): Not cleaning up after himself
Hobbies: (Will add later)
Fear(s): Being sent to jail and never getting back out
Personality: Possessive, Arrogant, Prideful, Flirty, Greedy, Clever

Color: Green
Season: Fall
Activities: Polishing his stones
Time of Day: Night

Height: 5'5
Weight: 131lbs
Hair style: Varies
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Skin Tone: Tan 


Parent(s): Missing/Deceased?
Sibling(s): Missing
Crush/Love Interest: Zyana © :icondatchaoticwolf:
Close Friend: Goten
Friend(s): Android 17 & 18, Krillin, Trunks, Master Roshi, Vegeta, Kirisame © :icondatchaoticwolf:
Enemy(ies): Many people, no surprise
Hero(es): Hercule Satan 
Rival(s): Goku, Gohan, Bulma, Seia © :icondatchaoticwolf: 

Random Facts-
> Emerald is amazed by Kirisame because of the gems on her body, He likes to stick around with her because she has a crush on him and he knows it, because of this, Goku has to keep a close eye on the two of them
>Emerald and his sister got in a big fight when she found out that he had started stealing and they haven't been in contact since
>Emerald is intrigued by Zyana because of her ability to manipulate stones and crystals, because of this, He always tries to flirt with her or have her show him different types of stones but Zyana pays him no mind because she has eyes for someone else
>Emerald met 17 because of Kirisame, 17 is amused that Emerald looks so much like him and is teaching him how to be a better fighter
>Seia doesn't want Emerald's bad habits to rub off on 17, The same goes for Vegeta and Bulma
>Goku also does not want Emerald's bad habits to rub off on Kirisame or Goten but he knows that Emerald isn't that bad at heart
>Krillin, Master Roshi & and Emerald all share magazines when 18 isn't around
>Emerald wishes he could find a girl just like him that he could be partners in crime with
>Emerald thought that Mr. Satan was the most amazing person until he met the Son family


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